Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1 Kings, Chapter 10

Ah, the Queen of Sheba! I had no idea she's a biblical character. Actually, I had never thought of it. Anyway, she hears about Solomon's wisdom and comes to ask him some hard questions. But the bible doesn't have much confidence in either their or our intelligence, because it doesn't say what those questions are, so it makes it hard to judge for oneself how wise he really is.

The queen apologises for doubting Solomon and gives him some gold bricks to make up for her lack of confidence. I'm still not convinced. Hiram, the king Solomon stiffed in the last chapter, also gives him some gold. In return, Solomon gives Sheba all her desire (v. 13).

Next we get a description of Solomon's riches. He has a lot of gold. Even his cups and plates are gold. And a throne made out of ivory. PETA would not like Solomon.

People come from all over to ask Solomon questions, though of course we don't know what they are. Funny that we get these incredibly detailed descriptions of his silverware, but no proof besides the two hookers and a baby question of how smart he's supposed to be. They all bring presents.

Solomon disdains silver. He paves the streets of Jerusalem with it, or he buys horses and chariots from Egypt.

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